hey i am tia and i can't believe i ate the whole thing

☆the tia is in☆

that anon should come say shit to me instead only they won’t since I have anon turned off

Anonymous asked:
You're going to regret dating her.


?? lmao are you talking about ??tia??? haha ur a lame-o oh man

tia is great i dont care about anyone who says otherwise and if you send any more of these im not gonna answer them you sad angry child

like seriously shes very nice and i cannot see any reason as to why i would regret dating her?? fuck off ur probably just an ex who is angry that you lost out on someone great bcuz this makes me sound like a cheesy nerd anyone would be lucky to have tia 



Anonymous asked:
youre not a feminist? ok then do us all a favor and dont vote, drive a car, or leave your house because feminists gave you those rights


Yes because not fully supporting the modern day movement equals not supporting anything feminism has done ever even if I said already, several times, that I fully stand behind the concept of feminism but I just don’t feel comfortable identifying as a part of the feminist group right now due to a lot of problems that the movement has.

I’d love to see you turn in your right to vote though because processing information and judging based on it obviously isn’t your strongest skill.


Omg is it really you…its been so long. ..


i dont honestly believe in “internet security”. the best defense is a good offense, i say. load your computer with extremely infectious viruses